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Permanent pipe repair system


An agreement between C.E.S. and Piping Repair Technology since 2005, allows us to address the specifics in the repair of pipelines and infrastructure


In 2005 C.E.S. becam the Canadian sales representative of PRT Composite Repair Systems. Then since 2007 International Master technical sales representative with Piping Technologies Repair for Air Logistic Corporation and Thin Film Technology.

Our products provide an efficient, fast, permanent, safe, economical and easy to repair on most of pipeline defects.

Before, any repair, required a shutdown and replacement of the damaged pipe or a weld repair. PRT products eliminate the need of plant shutdown or a weld repair.

Depending on the type of intervention, the products used are Aquawrap®, Power Sleeve® with various epoxies.


Aquawrap® will be preferred for type ‘’A’’ repair, which is external corrosion with less than 80% wall loss.

The Power Sleeve® will be used for type B repair, which is internal corrosion or external corrosion higher than 80% that may puncture.

Factors such as temperature, pipe schedule and/or grade, the medium, the pressure, the number of layer… will play definite a role in the choice of product use.



Offered services

– PRT Aquawrap®, PRT PowerSleeve® specialty epoxy TFT and other relevant products.

– Technical support and assistance.

– Project Supervision.

– Engineering Support for repair design system conception.

– Manufacturer Certified Trainer for installer certification courses.

Are you intesrested with some of our products ?

Please download the field and send us back to have a quotation with Aquawrap or Powersleeve.