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Système de réparation permanent de pipeline

Permanent composite pipe repair system


Système de réparation permanent de pipelineWhat is Aquawrap ?

PRT Aquawrap® is water activated, resin impregnated fiberglass fabric, made in varying lengths and widths to accommodate all pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. It is nontoxic, easy to apply and is suitable for a variety of pipeline applications, including, but not limited to reinforcement, corrosion protection, abrasion, impact protection, and in certain instances, leak repair.

PRT Aquawrap® is supplied ‘’ ready to use” and requires no mixing or measuring. The only requirement is a source of water. Although water activated, the product is not water-soluble and works equally as well in wet or dry conditions, and under water.


Why use Aquawrap ?

PRT Aquawrap® is a fast, efficient, economical, easy to use alternative to any other repair product or replacement. In most applications, the need for pressure reduction is minimized and downtime is eliminated.

PRT Permanent pipe repair System is an innovative combination of the strong advantages of our non-permeable epoxies in concert with our high strength Moisture Cure Urethane (MCU) pre-preg wraps to produce a task specific, field applied solution to even the toughest piping repair and remediation problems.

PRT Aquawrap® is highly chemical resistant, non-conductive and can be specifically engineered to custom fit the application requirements.


How does Aquawrap work ?

PRT Permanent Pipe Repair System offers complete, long life external piping remediation, repair reinforcement, and hoop strength replacement to any size piping constructed of virtually any material. The inherent isolation characteristics also provide complete elimination of electrolysis by protecting against exposure from the elements. Not only this, but it has the flexibility to conform to any shape or configuration, including elbows, manifolds, tees, reducers or bends.

Système de réparation permanent de pipeline

Cathodic protection: Composite wraps will insulate the pipe from electrical and/or magnetic field originating from outside the pipe itself. All coatings including fusion bonded epoxy, composites, will act as “cathodic protection”, since they shield and isolate the base metal of the pipe from the surrounding environment. The composites will shield the disbursement of electrical current and energy from leaving the pipe, so if the pipe has active conductive CP, the non-conductive composites will actually help by retaining the electrical charge in the metal.

PRT Aquawrap® principal element of a Permanent pipe Repair System is allowed for repairs on D.O.T. regulated Pipelines per 49 CFR, Parts 192 and 195 as well as other industry standards.



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Pipeline Repair


Natural Gas Line Reinforcement

Serious corrosion had severely damaged the underside of this 24’’ natural gas transmission pipeline. It suffered nearly 78% wall loss in some areas. After careful surface preparation, PRT Aquawrap® was used to restore integrity to the pipe. No shutdown of the line was required and it remained in service during repair.


Bell Joint Repair

Pipe flex along with expansion and contraction caused this joint to leak. PRT Aquawrap® was used to seal the leak and reinforce the joint. The wrap went onto the spigot end and right over the bell, as one continuous wrap. This method is an economical way to solve this type of low pressure leak on large diameter pipelines.


Wastewater Line Repair

The 24’’ effluent water line was experiencing corrosion pitting and leakage along a 25 feet section. The entire line was encapsulated, including the mechanical joint fittings.


Steel Cylinder Line Reinforcement

Corrosion had caused the reinforcement wires on this line to erode away, thus creating a structurally deficient piping system. PRT Aquawrap® was used to replace the strength of the wire and to prevent any further corrosion damage to the area.


Clamps Encapsulation

To provide a more permanent repair, bolt-on repair clamps can be encapsulated with composite. This action restores strength and integrity to the pipe. Complete encapsulation of 18’’ field fabricated clamp.


Crude oil line repair

The leak was the result of external corrosion on this 24’’ line. The leak was sealed mechanically. The repair was completed by encapsulating with PRT Aquawrap® the clamp that was covering the damage area. This work was performed at Nembe, Bayelsa State, Nigeria for Agip Oil Co.

The following type of defects may be repaired:

– External corrosion where structural integrity is compromised. In this case it is probable the application of a Repair System will arrest further deterioration;

– External damage such as dents, gouges, fretting or wear (at supports);

– Cracks may be repaired if they are prepared in accordance;

– Internal corrosion and / or erosion, which may or may not be leaking. In this case it is probable that corrosion will continue and the assessment must take this into account;

– Leaks;

– Manufacturing or fabrication defects.


Internal fluids and external environments shall be considered with respect to compatibility of the composite. The upper pressure / temperature limits are dependent on the type of damage being repaired and the Repair System being used. These limits are determined by the testing and qualification requirements of this Article. A lower temperature limit of –50oC (-58oF) shall be assumed unless a lower temperature capability is demonstrated through qualification testing.

This Repair System can be applied to both metallic and non-metallic (substrate) pipe materials.

PRT-AQUAWRAP: Pre-preg water activated pipe wrapping composite repair tape available in different widths, lenghts, fiber orientation & fibert types (G-03,G-05 & Carbon fiber).

Aquawrap Beartm: Pre-preg water activated reinforcement tubular material, braided.



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